You must forgive me for not updating until today.  I fell asleep during the Timberwolves/Cavaliers game last Friday and just woke up Sunday night.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s totally awesome to be bored to tears by a blow-out win.  But even so, this is a Cleveland team that sucked even when they DID have their two best players (Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.)  They were without them against us, and boy did everybody act like it.  It felt like a dress rehearsal for a 3rd grade musical about facial hair.  It didn’t seem natural.

But screw that game.  Here’s the real news: Ricky Rubio could be back as early as Wednesday!!!  It’s more likely that it’ll be Saturday, or perhaps a few days longer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel!  And we are 9-9 and currently in the 8th seed for the playoffs (yes, it’s a long, long season and the Lakers are behind us at the moment, but shut your face and let me be happy.)  Who would have thought we’d still be .500 in a season that saw us play the majority so far without our two best players.  The law of probability and statistics says that we should be without a single injury for the rest of the season.  We got them all out early.  So we are literally invincible after this.  Greg Stiesma could stick his face in an airplane propeller and be fine.  Nikola Pekovic could smoke crystal meth the rest of the year.  Malcolm Lee could eat both his legs.  We are untouchable!

Ricky Rubio was in high spirits after his surgery, even when his feet swelled to gigantic proportions.

Ricky Rubio was in high spirits after his surgery, even when his feet swelled to gigantic proportions.  Photo from

I’m in such a good mood that I actually enjoyed watching Kevin Love’s “Coats – The Session” video today.  It’s a video he made with several other T-Wolves encouraging people to donate their coats.  Love is dressed up like Kenny G, even though Kenny G never wore a trench-coat, has curly hair instead of wonky straight hair and played a soprano sax, not an alto like Love does in the video.  (I hate Kenny G, I swear. I just seem to know a lot about him.  Everybody knows he plays a soprano. Shut up!)

Who knows, maybe Kevin Love isn’t even using the coats for homeless people.  It just says “Bring Your Coats For the Salvation Army.”  He never said anything about donating them to people.  Maybe he just wants you to bring your coats to the Salvation Army, where he’ll steal them and use them to smother the next person who doesn’t offer him a max contract.  KAHNNNNN!!!!!!

  1. Jenni says:

    I was laughing so hard by the time I got to reading “KAAAAHN!!” that I almost choked on some skittles and died. I almost died without getting a chance to see Ricky come back. That would have been the saddest story ever.

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