Do Me a Favors and Shut Up, Derrick (@ Utah Jazz L 106-84)

Posted: 01/03/2013 in Uncategorized
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Okay, never mind that we got our ass handed to us on Wednesday.  I’m more interested in this quote:

“(Kevin Love is) just like any other stretch 4 in the league…probably a better rebounder but pretty much like every other stretch 4.”

—Utah Jazz forward Derrick Favors, talking about Kevin Love with Timberwolves radio play-by-play guy Alan Horton.

Really, Derrick Favors?  Really?

You’re a bench player for Utah.  Shut your face.  We’ll ask you a question when we want to know about salt or magic underwear.

Favors is just two years out of Georgia Tech.  Kevin Love is arguably the best rebounder and power forward in the league, an NBA All-Star and Olympic champion.  Show a little respect, son.  That’s like talking shit about Ronald McDonald right after you get out of clown college.  Have you earned your big red shoes, yet?  No, you haven’t.  You’re nothing.  You’re not Bozo.  You’re not even Cookie the Clown.  You’re Dribbles T. Neverplays.  You’re Fart-Face McBench.

I’ve been critical of Love myself this year.  But it’s kind of that older brother syndrome where only you get to make fun of your little brother.  Yeah, Love is having a sub-par season so far but he’ll return to form once he heals up.  I’d still take an injured/out of shape Love over Favors any day.  I would take him going through a messy, emo break-up.  I would take him with a case of the runs (and you know he has those).  I would take Kevin Love & Mitt Romney in a three-legged sack before Favors.

Maybe someday Derrick Favors will play more than 20 minutes a game and he’ll get to match up with a healthy Kevin Love.  But according to the Utah Jazz coaching staff and front office, Favors isn’t even the best power forward on his team.  So until then, keep squeaking for the stars, Bopo.

Derrick Favors preparing for a big game.  Photo from

Derrick Favors preparing for a big game. Photo from

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