If Robbie Hummel weren’t a basketball player, he would totally work in HR.

I’ll admit, I’ve never had a real/non-performing job in my life and I’m probably basing this on “The Office”, but he just doesn’t look like a guy who would be doing anything other than methodically jotting down notes for a living while wearing a perfect pair of Dockers.  But who gives a shit, because Robbie came through big time last night. Not only did he have ten points in the fourth quarter, including a big three that started a run, but he defended his league-leading “Wait, is Chase Budinger back already?  Oh, that’s Robbie Hummel” stat to 17 games.

Robbie Hummel holding Chase Budinger's jersey. Photo from howlintwolf.com

Robbie Hummel holding Chase Budinger’s jersey. Photo from howlintwolf.com

Things didn’t look good out of the gate as the Timberwolves were down by 19 in the first quarter.  The first quarter!  That’s our quarter!  That’s like beating Miley Cyrus in a discolored tongue contest.  And it’s sure not supposed to happen with a Michael Carter-Williams-less 76ers.  Not only is that way too many hyphens for one man but the Sixers were supposed to challenge the worst record ever WITH a Michael Carter-Williams-ful-esque team.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know the outcome of the game.  I’m not Zach Lowe.  We came back and won.  Balls went in, hoops went woosh, Ricky Rubio went twirly-doo.  The most important thing is that we are back to .500 again, which puts us at 57th in the West.  Movin’ on up!

Next up, we play the San Antonio Spurs on the road in Texas, which is actually closer than our last cancelled “home” game against them in Mexico.  I haven’t checked the schedule, but I think our next game after that is a home game in the North Pole followed by an away game in Memphis with a lay-over in Helsinki.

Go Wolves!

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