Kevin Garnett Brings The Target Center Down

Posted: 02/26/2015 in Uncategorized
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Words cannot begin to describe the straight up love, euphoria and pandemonium of Kevin Garnett’s return to the Target Center last night.  I was lucky enough to witness it myself and it was honestly one of the greatest nights of my life.  Imagine if the world was liberated from overlord aliens by Davy Crockett, who just came back from the dead and also brought everybody pizza.  This MIGHT get close to the feeling.

Think about it: This was a Wednesday day night regular season game for a (then) 12 win team.  Sold out!  The crowd stood and cheered during the entire WARM-UP 25 minute shootaround. Then they played the spin-chilling intro clip of KG’s best MN moments and everybody lost their mind like it was a Phish concert after the mushrooms kicked in.  One hefty Mayor Tom Ford clone even took his shirt off and danced around with KG’s name painted on his chest. I’d forgotten what it felt like to have anything meaningful happen on a Timberwolves team.  This felt like the playoffs.  It felt like 2004.  Actually, since Montell Jordan played the halftime show it actually felt like 1995.  “This is how we do it! It’s Wednesday night!”  Maybe next game we’ll get Skee-Lo?

Garnett finished with only five points and eight rebounds in just over 18 minutes, but nobody cared.  This game wasn’t about stats.  KG instantly changed the culture of this team.  He barked on the court, on the bench and during time-outs.  He whipped the crowd into a frenzy.  People were literally chanting “KG!  KG!  KG!” in the streets outside the Target Center afterward.  I’m pretty sure he inspired the conception of 10,000 Minnnesotan babies last night.  I think I had a baby on my own just from being there.  I will name him “We Love You, Kevin”.


Seeing KG do the old chest-fist bump in a Wolves uniform only caused me to have 9-10 sporadic nostalgic conniptions.

Yes, I’m aware that we are still a 13 win team and don’t have a shot in the world at the playoffs.  Us Timberwolves fans haven’t had a lot to cheer about the last ten or so years.  It’s been a sad, confusing parade of blunders and disappointments.  Derrick Rose’s knees have been more promising.  But just for a little bit, maybe even just one night, we were perfect.

MAY have been a little typo here.

MAY have been a little typo here.

Speaking of Derrick Rose, next up we play the Bulls in Chicago on Friday night.  The Bulls are one of the few teams that can rival us for tortured fanbases.  Except they have six rings and when they fall apart they still make the playoffs.  Go ahead and look for the world’s smallest violin in Pau Gasol’s Brillo Pad beard.


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