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  1. Kaitlyn says:

    Hi there! I know this is totally a long-shot and the chances of someone responding are slim to none, but I thought that I would try anyway. So, my boyfriend is a huge Wolves fan which is hard to find out here in California. I’ve been contacting blogs, writers, and really anything Timberwolves related to get some insight into what would be a great Christmas present!! I know it sounds crazy, but I was really hoping not to get him another jersey and it would be nice to hear what a true Wolves fan would REALLY appreciate as a gift. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Go wolves!!

    • Hi Kaitlyn, thanks for contacting me! 🙂 Does your boyfriend have League Pass? That’s the best way to see all the games and a great gift. If he already has that then have you thought about memorabilia? Like a ball signed by Kevin Garnett or something? You could probably find that on EBay or another player if KG is too expensive. Zach Lavine, Andrew Wiggins or Karl-Anthony Towns might have their own signature basketball shoes. Tickets to a Wolves game in CA up close? I got Timberwolves floormats for my car as well as license plate holders. From EBay I believe. I also got a little Ricky Rubio LEGO figure for my dash haha. Not sure if any of this helps but that’s what I can think of right now. Good luck!

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