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52 is a magical number.

It’s how old Axl Rose is.

It’s the highway in Minnesota where that creepy refinery/supervillain hideout¬†is.

It’s how many Chicken McNuggets¬†it takes for me to overdose and barf in the bathtub.

It’s also how many points goddamn Mo Williams had last night for the Timberwolves. ¬†A new franchise record AND the highest point total from anyone in the NBA this year. ¬†I missed the game and thought it was a typo when I saw the box score. ¬†52 points sounds more like the total score for the team or the number of turnovers Zach LaVine had. ¬†Nope. ¬†Mo Williams. ¬†Baller.

What got into Mo? ¬†I’m fairly certain he¬†graduated with Axl Rose. ¬†He shouldn’t be putting up career/franchise highs at this point. ¬†The answer is easy: We suck and somebody’s got to score!

And boy did he score. ¬†From everywhere. ¬†Mo made shots from feet behind the three point line. ¬†He threw hook shots from the fifth row. ¬†He had a no-look from Lickety Split down the street in full bondage gear. ¬†He even scored in the opponents baskets’, traveled back in time, knocked the balls out of the rim and then scored again in our hoop, just for the fuck of it. ¬†“Fourth dimension, bitch,” Mo was heard whispering to C.J. Watson.

It also ended our 15 game losing streak. ¬†What’s better? ¬†Winning a few extra and saving our dignity or going full-tank and getting the #1 pick in the draft? ¬†Personally, it doesn’t matter to me. ¬†I’m having fun watching the young guys like Wiggins and Muhammad. ¬†A Rookie Of The Year and a Slam Dunk Champion will make this year just fine with me. ¬†I’m from Iowa. ¬†I’m used to being irrelevant.

Next up we play the Suns in Phoenix on Friday. ¬†Can the Suns hold on to their status as perennial¬†“good enoughs”? ¬†Will Mo get 53? ¬†Let’s ride this one-game winning streak baby!