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Dell Curry's son warms up before the game.  Photo by Mike Brody

Dell Curry’s son warms up before the game. Photo by Mike Brody

Oof. Just when you think we’re going to be the next NBA champions/greatest team of all time/first basketball team in space, the Timberwolves get all Timberwolfy and lose two in a row.

A friend of mine scored free tickets in Row E up front for us, so I got to see our stomping with my very own eyes.  In a game where Andrew Bogut and Stephen Curry both played limited minutes, from foul trouble and a minor injury respectively, we should have been able to capitalize and cruise to a victory.  But the Golden State Warriors are good.  They are really, really good.  Klay Thompson was a killer.  He scored 30 points on us, mostly on three point shots from out in the First Ave parking lot.  He looks so cocky too, flappin’ his arms around after each shot.  Luckily, I saw an interview with his dad, who said that he controls all his son’s finances so he won’t go broke and only gives him a small allowance each month.  After a stinging loss like this, it gives me solace to know that Klay Thompson might be out there begging teammate Harrison Barnes for $10 so he can see “Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2.”  Keep pumping that lemonade stand, Klay, you’ll get that new Huffy someday!

Klay Thompson shoots a free throw

Klay Thompson, a grown man who doesn’t control his own money, shoots probably his closest shot of the night, presumably with his dad’s permission.  Photo by Mike Brody.

I still had fun at the game, even with the crappy loss.  My favorite part was the weird Bushwacker dudes that were sitting next to us.  They screamed and hooted and shrieked ear-piercing cries on nearly every play.  I loved it.  Who didn’t love it, though, were the fuddy-duddy old dudes in the row in front of us, who seemingly accidentally showed up early for the Donny & Marie Christmas. They plugged their ears with their fingers and turned around every five minutes to shoot daggers with their eyes.  All they needed were monocles, top-hats and a little Monopoly dog in their arms to come off more like douchey, blue-blooded hurumpfers.  Frickin’ Minnesotans.  We’re so damn Norwegian that we can’t even make noise at a sporting event.

Photo by Mike Brody.

Crunch meets the Bushwackers. Photo by Mike Brody.

Next up, we play the Dallas Mavericks at home.  If we win, we’ll be 4-2 and sitting in a pretty decent position.  If we lose, we fall to 3-3 and things begin to get a little panicky.  We need a big game from Pek about now, so somebody punch a map of Montenegro in front of him and piss him off.  Go Wolves!