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Sometimes a blog post doesn’t need too many words. 14 years without making the playoffs. We finally did it. Yeah we’ll probably get swept by the Rockets. Who cares? I feel like that 105 year old man they show on TV when a team’s about to win a championship. “He sat through it all!”

Here’s how I reacted when we made it. My dogs were very upset.




Ricky Rubio changed my life last night.

Here’s what happened: The Timberwolves were getting their asses handed to them in a season full of ass-handery.  Alexey Shved, who’s been playing poorly, is not taking it well.  Enter Ricky and seven simple, adorably accented words.

“Alexey, change this face.  Be happy.  Enjoy!” (Video below)

Are there truer words in the world?  This is what I need to remind myself of every time the bitch in my apartment complex let’s her dog pee in the elevator or when I remember that Indiana purposely exists as a state.  How easy is it to get wrapped up in the world and think that our cellphone bills and portfolios and social status are all that matters?  I don’t even know what a portfolio is, to be honest.  Is that like a Trapper Keeper for accountants?

This is going to be my new creed whenever something unimportant starts to piss me off.   Whenever the small town Subway line takes forever because country people don’t have anywhere else to be.  Whenever the stupid CVS lady puts my soda bottle in a bag even though she knows damn well that I come in every day and never want one.  Whenever the people with clipboards, vests and skinny pants downtown harass me on the street because they want my signature to help protect our rights to ironic epiphanies.

Shhhh…listen to Ricky:

“Brody, change this face.  Be happy.  Enjoy!”

Life is short.  Don’t forget to enjoy it and smile or it’ll pass you by.

Thanks Ricky.

Go Wolves!

Ricky Rubio Peace Sign