A Baseball Pennant For Your Baseball Team

Whenever there are baseball sports competitions, you will always see baseball banners and small flags (a.k.a. pennants) swaying or are being held by avid sports fans, just like a baseball pennant. These displays indicate the audience’ emotional attraction to the team that they are supporting. It motivates both the crowd and the players to work harder to achieve their goal, that is to win the price.

A Baseball Pennant For Your Baseball Team

Pennants serve other purposes as well. It can be used as decors as those used in other celebrations when string together and hang in between poles or walls. It can be gifted as a token or memorabilia for the outstanding performance of an athlete or a team, or it can be used as a car decal, and so on.

Pennants for your baseball team banners

Pennants may be cheaper than sports banners; it still is a smart thing to consider how you can make them last longer. Since they frequently subjected to the worst possible damage due to their size, shape, as well as the means of securing them wherever they are used, you need to make sure that they are well taken care of.

These small flags are cut out of four mils thick polyethylene. Though they generally last a long time under normal circumstances, there may be locations where they may be placed that may prove to be a challenge for these pennants. They will surely be torn, their colors will fade, and the stitches will be worn out if they are not given the proper attention that they deserve.

Here are some of the natural elements that you need to make sure won’t ruin the look and feel of your pennants.

Sunlight and UV rays. These two will fade vinyl over a period of time. Though most vinyl pennants are able to withstand fading, if you plan to install them where there are plenty of sunlight, or where there is a consistently high UV index, it will be a good idea to have them up only when necessary and keep them when you have no promotions to do at all.

Those who forget to take them down will definitely notice that the colors on the pennants have faded over time as they are continuously exposed to a barrage of UV rays.

Water. Excessive rain or water poured onto these pennants can cause the fabrics to be worn out. If there is high humidity in your area or there is a great deal of rain or snow for months on end in the location where you had these pennants installed, you may need to take them down whenever an event is finished. Just put them back up once the weather has cleared.

Wind. Pennants are made to sway or flap in the wind to draw attention. But if it is so windy in the location where the pennants are or the area receives gusty winds, the flags may tear apart. Vinyl, although extremely resistant to tearing, may still be damaged with winds at 75 mph.

Hang or place your pennants in sheltered locations as this will help ensure that they will last longer.

Poor installation can also cause problems with your pennants later on. Make sure that you have those pennants properly secured to avoid any untoward accidents with high winds or storms. Have the ropes that are used to secure the pennants anchored properly with strong hooks to avoid losing your pennants.

Even if your pennant is made of the strongest material, if will be no match for bad weather or poor treatment. You also need to make sure to have your pennants cleaned off with water once in a while as this cut down any staining or weakening of the fabric. Make sure that you take care of your pennants properly so that they will last for many years to come.

It does not matter whatever sports you are in or whatever celebration you may be having. Pennants are a great way to attract attention and show your pride over some good deeds done or some good person who have done good deeds. Keep your pennants well so they will do good for you longer. Your baseball pennant will be as good as how you treat them, so treat them well.